Ever notice that you never receive the original store receipt with your Instacart order? This isn’t a fluke, it’s a strategic move by Instacart to keep you from seeing the hidden markup on your grocery items. One of the first messages that Instacart sends to its new shoppers is a text with instructions to NOT give the store receipt to customers when delivering their groceries.

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Let’s take a closer look at what these missing receipts are hiding and how much Instacart’s hidden mark-ups can actually cost you.

Check out this example from Costco and notice the 21% grocery markup!

Food Safety Specialist, Professor Ben Chapman of North Carolina State, shares guidelines for safe grocery shopping & delivery amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

We’ve all seen the articles about how little Gig companies are doing to protect workers. We knew that we had to do better for Dumpling Business Owners. So, we went on a hunt to find a subject matter expert that could educate us all on best practices for COVID-19 prevention & protection. Enter, Profession Ben Chapman, from North Carolina State University, a food safety expert. …

I’ve heard some amazing stories over the course of my life. Stories of resilience, community, and hustle. Although no dumpling business owner’s story is the same, somehow they all found a place where their stories are not only heard, but amplified — a place where they are empowered to share where they came from.

The first story I heard was of a woman who retired from the military in her early 20’s. Her service didn’t stop there. She proceeded to raise her three biological kids, three step children and fifteen foster children, in her home, over subsequent decades. Yet, her…

Olivia Yates O’Donnel

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